In-game appearance
Location Tartarus Deep
Bounty 10,000 G
Wanted Poster
Raided submarines out in Depro-submarine route, 2 of which were sunk. Threatening to ships out at sea.

Charybdis (カリュブディス Karyubudisu) is a huge black seadevil (Melanocetus) that resides in Tartarus Deep. It is the third boss in The Ocean Hunter.


Created by Rahab to oversee Tartarus Deep, Charybdis had raided submarines along the supposed Depro sea route, of which two were sunk, and had disrupted many deep sea operations.

The bounty on the capture or death of this giant anglerfish is 10,000 G.

The Ocean HunterEdit

Prior to Torel's and Chris' arrival to Tartarus Deep, Charybdis attacked an underwater operation, killing all but one diver.[1]

While traversing through an underwater dark cave, Torel and Chris noticed a strange light in a distance and moved to investigate. However, Charybdis quickly reveals itself once the two adventurers got near it, but they were able to back up in time. Charybdis then proceeded to attack the two adventurers, who fought back.

Halfway into the battle, Charybdis flanked the two from behind and attempted to suck them into its mouth. Despite the odds, however, Torel and Chris were able to defeat it, causing its esca to fall off due to extensive trauma and ending Charybdis' reign of Tartarus Deep.


Sunburst Area/Vulnerable area: Entire body
Sweet Spot/Weakpoint: Eye(?) (first part), Esca/lantern

The battle is split into three distinctive parts.

Charybdis will first approach the player(s) and open its mouth to release the lanternfish hidden inside. The player(s) can either rapidly fire at its mouth or its eye(?) earlier to prevent this attack or attack the incoming enemies before focusing on Charybdis. The pattern will repeat after doing so.

After it loses one-third of health, Charybdis will retreat further into the darkness (save for its lantern). The player(s) must repeatedly fire below the illuminating lantern to stop Charybdis from coming out of the darkness and biting the player(s). The pattern will repeat after doing so.

Once its health is reduced to almost a half, Charybdis will pull off one last move to kill the player(s) by sucking the player(s) into its mouth from behind. From here on, the protagonists will be thrown around by the strong current and the Sweet Spot will be revealed. The player(s) must fire at the indicated Sweet Spot before the time limit runs out (indicated by the proximity between the player(s) and Charybdis' mouth) to avoid taking damage. Charybdis will be defeated once it receives three shots to the Sweet Spot.



  1. The Ocean Hunter, Attract Mode

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