Health unit

A health unit

The Health unit is an item in The Ocean Hunter.

The Ocean HunterEdit

Due to the overwhelming number of hostile marine creatures in the Seven Seas, thanks to the Seven Great Monsters, it is assumed that every hunter and diver are required to bring along an extra health unit should they venture deep into the treacherous waters.


The health units act as the means to obtain an extra Life Point or to restore one. They are rewarded whenever the player saves a hunter or diver from any kind of danger.

If the game is played with two people, regardless of how many lives each of the players have upon saving the diver/hunter, the player who receives the health unit will depend on its color (yellow (pictured) for Torel/Player 1; blue for Chris/Player 2).

The player cannot hold more than five Life Points. For example, should the player save every diver and hunter and not take any damage up until he/she saves the diver in Tartarus Deep, he/she will get a treasure bonus instead of a health unit.

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