In-game appearance
Health Low (separate)
Location Panthalassa

The Kerberos (ケルベロス) is a monster that consists of three large sharks in The Ocean Hunter. They are the first sub boss in Panthalassa.

The Ocean HunterEdit

Straight after dropping into the sea, Torel and Chris are ambushed by the incoming Kerberos.


Sunburst Area/Vulnerable Area: Entire body
Sweet Spot/Weakpoint: Snout/Mouth

Unlike Hydra, Kerberos will come at the player(s) more swiftly and all together. The player(s) must "juggle" between the three; the player(s) must focus on the one that's closer and fire at them, specifically at they're Sweet Spot, until they turns away. This will leave the player(s) to focus on another Kerberos. The player(s) must continue with this tactic until all three Kerberos sharks' health has been depleted.


"Kerberos" is the more accurate Greek pronunciation of 'Cerberus,' the 3-headed hound of the Underworld, hence it's depiction as three sharks working in unison (it is not unheard of for Great White Sharks to work together somewhat like wolf packs ).


  • Despite the similarity, Kerberos isn't as large as White Death.