In-game appearance
Health Medium-Low
Location North Sea
The Medusa (メドゥーサ) is a lion's mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata) in The Ocean Hunter. She is the only sub boss in North Sea.

The Ocean HunterEdit

While being attacked by a large school of jellyfish, Torel and Chris will encounter Medusa.


Sunburst Area/Vulnerable Area: Entire body, tentacles
Sweet Spot/Weakpoint: Bell/Head

For the entire duration of the fight, Medusa swims around with a number of accompanying normal-sized jellyfishes, which may charge at the player(s) (indicated by an orange circle). The player(s) must fire rapidly and continuously at Medusa, specifically at her Sweet Spot. At certain points, Medusa will charge at the player(s), who must fire rapidly and continuously at her bell/head to nullify the attack. Medusa will continue the pattern unless the player(s) have completely depleted the monster's health.


  • Some have speculated that the normal-sized jellyfishes are her "children".