In-game appearance
Health Medium-High
Location Tartarus Deep
The Scylla (スキュラ) is a giant squid in The Ocean Hunter. It is the first sub boss in Tartarus Deep.

The Ocean HunterEdit

After fighting a few hordes of lanternfish and gulper eels and encountering a fleeing diver, Torel and Chris are then attacked by Scylla.


Sunburst Area/Vulnerable Area: Entire body, tentacles
Sweet Spot/Weakpoint: Eyes (first half), head (second half)

For the first part of the battle, Scylla will swim around and, like the Kraken, will try to slam the player(s) with one of its tentacles, which the player(s) must fire continuously at to cancel the attack. Scylla will then repeat this pattern. The player(s) may continue to fire at the squid while it swims around.

After two-thirds of its health has been lost, Scylla will retreat into a distance before charging directly at the player(s). The player(s) must fire rapidly and continuously at the incoming squid to nullify its attack, which will, if done successfully, cause it to go off-course. Scylla will repeat this attack unless the player(s) have depleted the remainder of its health.


  • Scylla is colored in a deep, shimmering purple with bioluminescent green highlights.


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