The Seven Great Monsters, also known as the Seven Great Monsters of the Seven Seas, are the central antagonists of The Ocean Hunter.



Rahab creating the other Seven Great Monsters

When Rahab, one of the Seven Great Monsters and the first among them, awakened from his millennium-long slumber, he was angered by how humanity has treated the Seven Seas, which he saw both as his home and territory. In an effort to humble and stop humanity, he deliberately caused many natural marine disasters (i.e. storms, typhoons) and created Kraken, Leviathan, Charybdis, Karkinos and Ahuizotl to rule the watery realm along with him.

Midgardsorm, which had existed either before or during Rahab's time, was incorporated into the group immediately thereafter due to its similarities to the others.

Ever since then, the Seven Great Monsters have been continuously ravaging ships, humans, and, in most cases to a lesser extent, native marine life, in their wake. Out of fear and awe, humanity has issued enormous bounties on the monsters' heads.

The Seven Monsters are:

The Ocean HunterEdit

The Seven Great Monsters act as the bosses in their respective sea/stage and are the pivotal points of the game. They are sought and hunted by the game's protagonists, Torel and Chris, and other hunters who wish to defeat them and collect the monsters' respective bounties.


  • The theme song for each of the Seven Great Monsters, excluding Rahab, is the Boss Theme.