In-game appearance
Health Medium-Low
Location Panthalassa
Umi-Bozu (海坊主) is a very large octopus in The Ocean Hunter. He is the second sub boss in Panthalassa and surprisingly cunning, being able to camouflage and attack anytime.

The Ocean HunterEdit

After defeating Kerberos, Torel and Chris proceed to the temple, but not before being intercepted by Umi-Bozu.


Sunburst Area/Vulnerable Area: Entire body, tentacles
Sweet Spot/Weakpoint: Head (second half)

Like Scylla, Umi-Bozu will swim around before attempting to slam at the player(s) a few times with his tentacles, which the player(s) must fire at to nullify the attack. Unlike Scylla, whenever Umi-Bozu swims around, he will camouflage himself before revealing himself to attack. The player(s) can continue to fire at the monster, camouflaged or not.

After two-thirds of his health has been gone, Umi-Bozu will turn red and retreat to a distance before charging at the player(s). The player(s) must fire rapidly and continuously at the incoming monster to throw him off-course. Umi-Bozu will repeat this attack unless the player(s) have depleted the rest of his health.


The name Umi-Bozu is derived from the Japanese characters for "sea" (海 Umi) and "buddhist monk" (坊主 Bozu).

According to Japanese folklore, the Umibōzu is an aquatic spirit that lives in the ocean, and is said to capsize the ship of anyone who dares to speak it. Alternatively, they are enormous Yōkai - specters of shipwreck victims and fishermen.

It is generally depicted as having a grey, cloud-like torso, serpentine limbs, and a large, round head, resembling the shaven heads of Buddhist monks.[1] This generally alludes to Umi-Bozu's in-game appearance, albeit with a blue hue.


  • Originally known as Sea Ghost[2] in the beta version, the monster was supposed to be a sub-boss in Texcoco Great Lake, appearing shortly before the start of the second half of the stage.
  • It originally would've appeared as a long serpent and, to a certain extent, resembles the bounty poster's depiction of Ahuizotl. The idea was later scrapped in the final version due to the size of the lake and how easy it was to defeat Sea Ghost.
  • Whenever the player(s) cancel its attacks, Umi-Bozu will emit a cloud of ink before camouflaging.